You are very welcome here.

Holy Ground is a community of people who are yearning to do and be church in a fresh way.  We're making church together from scratch, using ingredients from our own faith histories, from diverse streams of Christian tradition, and from the fruit of the Holy Spirit's ongoing creativity among us.  While Holy Ground is part of both the Episcopal and Lutheran churches, the people of Holy Ground come from an incredible range of backgrounds, including no faith background at all.   Ultimately, we're striving to craft a community that's strong enough to help us follow Jesus into lives of bold self-giving.  Gathered together to re-imagine church, the people of Holy Ground encourage and challenge one another to embody Jesus' audacious, boundary-crossing love.  Diversity and inclusivity matter to us because they mattered to Jesus – we're just doing our best to catch up with the wideness of God's welcome.  To this end, Holy Ground not only fully includes LGBT people but also embraces their gifts for leadership.  And as a church that's comfortable with ambiguity and eager to wrestle with big theological questions, Holy Ground is a safe space for people who are seeking to craft a new relationship with faith and spirituality.  Curious doubt, passionate searching, and committed discipleship are all welcome.  Come and see!


Sunday Evening Worship

Each Sunday at 5:00 PM, we create sacred space together where we seek an encounter with God, with our deepest selves, and with one another.  Our worship service engages the mind, body, and spirit – honoring both ancient traditions and contemporary expressions of faith.  We creatively remix the historic liturgy of the church in ways that speak to our present-day realities and challenge us into fresh, bold ways of living.  Our message is always inclusive, progressive, and relevant.  Worship takes place in the chapel of Our Saviour's Church @ 370 Junipero Avenue. 

Midweek Gathering

A diverse group of spiritual sojourners gathers every Wednesday at 7:00 PM for prayer, fellowship, theological investigation, Bible study, and (of course) good food.  This gathering takes place in a relaxed, intimate, conversational setting.  Our comfortable and homey space helps us to ask bigger, harder questions and to build deeper, more authentic community. Wednesday gatherings happen at the rear of Our Saviour's Church @ 370 Junipero Avenue.  Please be in touch if you'd like more specific directions to our meeting space.

CSULB Interfaith Project

We are the founders and facilitators of the CSULB Interfaith Project, which provides a wide array of opportunities for CSULB students to build interfaith relationships, learn about diverse religious traditions,  and participate in interfaith events and programs.  We're open to all CSULB students and offer a vibrant atmosphere for spiritual and religious exploration.