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Holy Ground is a start-up community of diverse spiritual seekers and skeptics – many of whom are young adults – who are pursuing God with our whole hearts, our entire minds, and all the strength we can muster.  We are rooted in the historic Episcopal and Lutheran expressions of Christianity, but our collective spiritual journeys transcend any definitive label, category, or denomination.  While we come from a wide range of religious (and non-religious) backgrounds, we are united by our commitments to live more authentically, to follow Jesus into surprising places, and to serve our neighbors as grateful recipients of God's grace.  Finally, we are one community with multiple expressions: a worship service on Sunday evenings, a midweek gathering focused on growing and deepening our faith in a relational context, and and an interfaith campus ministry at Cal State Long Beach (CSULB).


Sunday Evening Worship

Each week, from 5:00-6:00 PM, we create a sacred space in which we seek an encounter with God.  Our worship service will engage your mind, body, and spirit – honoring both ancient traditions and contemporary expressions of faith.  We creatively remix the historic liturgy of the church in ways that speak to our present-day lives and challenge us into new ways of living.  Worship takes place in the chapel of Our Saviour's Church, which is at 370 Junipero Avenue.  Scripture readings for worship are here.

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Midweek Gathering

A diverse and inclusive group of young adults (ages 18-40ish) gathers every Wednesday at 7:00 PM for prayer, fellowship, theological investigation, Bible study, and (of course) good food.  Our gatherings take place in a relaxed, intimate, conversational setting that feels a lot like a living room.  We think a comfortable, homey space helps us to ask bigger, harder questions and build deeper community. Wednesday gatherings happen at the rear of Our Saviour's Church, which is at 370 Junipero Avenue.

CSULB Interfaith Project

We are the founders and facilitators of the CSULB Interfaith Project, which provides a wide array of opportunities for students to build interfaith relationships, learn about diverse religious traditions,  and participate in interfaith-oriented events and programs.  We're open to all CSULB students and offer a vibrant atmosphere for spiritual and religious exploration.